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FDR's Death:  America Mourns

America Mourns

FDR's sudden death stunned the world. Few had known of the severity of his health problems. The public's shock was magnified by the fact that Roosevelt had been America's Chief Executive for over twelve years. Young Americans had no memory of any other President. The timing of his death, at a moment when victory in World War II seemed at hand, added to the country's grief. Some newspapers included his name on their daily list of war casualties.

In Warm Springs, where he died, FDR's casket was placed on a funeral train that carried him to Washington DC. Thousands lined the tracks in silent tribute as the train passed through towns and cities on its journey. After a solemn procession through Washington and a White House funeral, the President's train continued north to Hyde Park, where FDR was buried on April 15, 1945.
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