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The Promise of Change:  1932 Election Campaign

1932 Election Campaign

The 1932 campaign was one of the most momentous in American history.

Saddled with responsibility for the Depression, President Hoover was deeply unpopular. FDR's advisors urged their candidate to play it safe. His running mate, John Nance Garner of Texas, told him, "All you have got to do is stay alive until election day."

But FDR relished campaigning and wanted to show the country he was up to the job. He traveled to 41 states, making major addresses and hundreds of whistle-stop appearances.

Roosevelt offered few details about how he would attack the economic crisis. And some positions he adopted, such as a commitment to lower taxes and balance the budget, came back to haunt him later. But his energy, charm, and commitment to action carried him to a decisive victory.

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